Solutions that fit your needs

Custom ProductsAs the leading custom manufacturer of film and foil capacitors, we pride ourselves on offering complete solutions for our customers. We can engineer a solution to your custom needs.

Custom components can:

  • Help lower costs and reduce inventory through “next level” preassembly or by reducing the number of components
  • Eliminate the need to conform to typical performance standards or footprints
  • Provide advanced technical capabilities not available in standard configurations

Our years of experience and internal capabilities mean we can create exactly what you need. Special configurations we can engineer for you include:

  • Custom AC and DC metallization techniques for enhanced dielectric performance
  • Special-purpose configurations such as extremely high voltage or very low E.S.L capacitors
  • Complete capacitor assemblies and subassemblies to reduce manufacturing cycle time and inventory costs
  • Specialized formats including toroidal, custom lead configurations, and reduced-aspect
  • Customized sealing methods including hermetic, moisture-resistant, and high-temperature-tolerant methods
  • Unique packaging materials and approaches such as potted boxes, specialized tape, multipin DIP packaging, and laminated bus structures
  • Application-specific configurations such as custom connectors, specialized mounting brackets, and unique termination methods
  • PC board subassembly including multiple-component nesting and wave soldering
  • Integrated automatic testing and fixturing for functional and in-circuit verification
  • Specialized compliance testing to meet critical customer requirements
  • Corona-preventing AC and DC designs for power supplies and other electronic assemblies
  • Special high-temperature dielectric capacitors for aerospace, military, and HEV applications
  • A unique packaging configuration to detect a mechanism failure
  • Modified manufacturing processes for high insulation resistance and reduced microphonics

Have a custom need? Complete our customization request form or call 308.284.3611 to speak to one of our sales associates.